SplinteredPaddle02aWe met full sail as summer swelled

and  we ran free

beneath borealis skies,



September’s sweet caress

coaxed us to sway in the starlight

as summer’s leaves shed

their emerald hue


splattering crimson

across our craft

brittle and thin as our words:

How’s work? How’s your mom? Did you feed the dogs?


Frost snaked aft and fore

across line and deck,

fine-webbed, rudder

shuddering in the thickening bay,


as we rolled, crested, creaked,

rolled, listed, lashed –

All hands on deck!

crashing through the icy bay,


boatswain lost in the fray.

Listing, righting, drifting,

two battered mates

keening for shore,


knot frayed, straining,

each with a splintered oar,

as spring’s tender kiss

dripped through the cabin door.


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