An Imperfect Offering


One thought on “An Imperfect Offering

  1. Hi, Cindee! I read your post, and I just had to laugh!!! Following my departure from CTK, I threw myself into completing my Doctoral studies at Luther Seminary. That meant I had a ton of research to do, a half-dozen projects to complete, and a thesis to write…..240 pages of dialog, graphs, charts, etc. Bear in mind that this was in the days before ‘spell check’, ‘grammar check’, and ‘chart maker software’. My proudest possession ever, EVER, is a a framed plaque that contains FOUR over-night mail receipts from the U. S. Post Office. That’s how many times my thesis got kicked out!! All of this in spite of the 15 minute conversation I had with my high school guidance counselor who told me I was not college material. I will find Peter O’Toole (Not the actor) in the Kingdom. We will talk!!! I enjoyed the ‘7’ dialog!! I look forward to digging into it! Blessings, Pr. Bill


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