We met full sail as summer swelled and  we ran free beneath borealis skies, sun-kissed.   September's sweet caress coaxed us to sway in the starlight as summer's leaves shed their emerald hue   splattering crimson across our craft brittle and thin as our words: How’s work? How's your mom? Did you feed the dogs?   Frost snaked aft and fore across line …

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Poem for Today

I stand at the edge of day gathering vulnerabilities in the waning light, smoothing folds, tucking edges in tight, like a crisp cotton sheet over a well-worn mattress, frayed at the edges, lumpy and stained. But lie down, stretch out, and the years rise like steam tugging against the seams of this origami life.

The Joy of Love

Love is... the beauty of the soul. ~ Saint Augustine the poetry of the senses. ~ Honore de Balzac bestowed as a gift -- freely, willingly and without expectation. ~ Leo Buscaglia a gift, precious and rare, poured out from the heart of the Father across our lives, spilled to nourish and sustain, to draw …

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The Gift of Pain

Pain – Physical, emotional, chronic – Consumes, swallows, saps, Drains. Connecting, responding, Reaching out Requires more Energy, Effort, Emotion, Than the pain sometimes allows, Leaving me separated, isolated, Alone. Words lie flat on printed pages – Unclear, Obscure, Perplexing. Thoughts drift, wander, Swirl out of reach, Refusing to make sense, Take shape, Opaque, Leaving me …

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