We met full sail as summer swelled and  we ran free beneath borealis skies, sun-kissed.   September's sweet caress coaxed us to sway in the starlight as summer's leaves shed their emerald hue   splattering crimson across our craft brittle and thin as our words: How’s work? How's your mom? Did you feed the dogs?   Frost snaked aft and fore across line …

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Marriage is Holy Ground

Although the following quote from Sacred Marriage (p. 49) by Gary Thomas speaks from a husband's perspective, it is equally relevant to us as children of God, especially the final lines: God’s heart is melted and he is most tender and gracious to us when he encounters in us weakness accompanied by our humble admission …

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Ten Million Minutes

Love is patient Love is kind Love is twenty years of moments Wrapped in promise and bright hope Seven thousand days Filled with laughter and little feet, Five moves, Two apartments, three houses, And more work than I can remember Through job loss And relocation Packing, painting, Planting, tearing out, Illness and accidents... And eight …

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