One Word, 2012

This year, I’m inviting you to choose one word, just one that expresses the longing of your heart, the cry of your soul, the small seed God is growing and tending in you.

Last year, I chose the word “act” because I felt God calling me to step out in faith in ways far beyond my comfort zone.

This year it’s “breathe” — to breathe in God’s Presence allowing Him to saturate and nourish and engage all of me — every fiber, every thought, every breath.

Now it’s your turn! In the comments below share your word with the community here at Breathe Deeply and tell us why, so we can lift one another in prayer, encouraging each other, and growing together into the beautiful, intricate, colorful Body of Christ here on earth. Blessings, friends!

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27 thoughts on “One Word, 2012

  1. My word is INSPIRE. I need to breathe Him in before I can think, speak or move. It also means to let go of control, controlling, striving, and let the Spirit work through me, instead of trying to do His work.

    Blessing to you, Cindee!


  2. Janeen

    I love the idea you challenged to have one word for 2012-
    I was reading tonight and praying earlier today about what my word should be. Very deeply in my Spirit I felt.His leading about sitting in His Presence. So my word for this year is SIT. I want to know His presence like never before. Thank you Cindee – I cant wait for this year!


      1. As a Christian, I believe I’m to be peaprred to meet my Maker at any moment, not that I’m a pessimist. As a Minister of the Gospel, in your personal beliefs, do you believe that the end of the world is coming in 2012 and that we Christians should prepare for the true ‘end’ rather than be seeking places to “ride out the storm” as lots of other folks seem to be doing? The consensus seems to be that the end of the world, ‘as we know it’ is coming, but we just need to survive it and adjust. Do you believe we’re going to have any options?


  3. Love your word, Cindee. Am pondering this today.
    I have chosen “Intentional” for that is what I want to be in my everyday actions. Always intending to point towards my Savior. And I’m thinking I’ll need to focus on my every breath with this…….
    To God be the glory!


  4. Bonnie Sanders

    My word is “engage.” That is my heart’s desire, to engage with His purposes, plans, and provision. “Engage!” Step out of the boat with reckless abandon, trusting Him to catch and embrace me! “Engage!” Take Him at His Word! Trust Him fully to guide and provide. “Engage!” Both eyes on my Captain of my soul, in step with His dance. “Engage!” 🙂


  5. Megan

    My word is identity, because I always follow what my sisters do, so I should find out who I am in Christ! He’s calling me to go on a mission trip this year.


  6. Nwaefuna-Emeka

    Excellent! God lead me through a course to Study animal physiology and after i lost focus and began saying the wrong things, His love dropped dis in my heart! An excellent spirit! I began to read abt Daniel in the bible and I say a reason to be excellent like my father! So I had to re-enrol to study geology trusting God 4 an admission to study Geology dis yr! God’s love will never die!


  7. My word is OBEY. I’ve never been good at that word, even at understanding it. I think one of the main reasons I didn’t turn to Christ as a child/teenager/young adult was because the idea of being held accountable for something scared me to death. So I turned to the “New Agey” stuff where I could only think about projecting “positive vibes” and that I could “control my reality,” etc. I chuckle now at my naivete and how little I truly understood. I know see and feel the freedom in obeying God and I know that God calls me farther and farther out on that branch BECAUSE He knows I used to be so scared. I thought of the word as something an angry dad yells at his kid. Not so with our God. So…that is my word. Thank you for starting this up! Bless you!


  8. Barbara

    My word is FORGIVE. I just happened upon your blog and I really enjoy it. I have started a personal journey lately and am supported by a wonderful husband and great friends.I know that God has given a gift to everyone and I am now looking forward to seeing what mine is going to be. I don’t find it particularly easy at times but I know that I will be much more open when I forgive others the way God has forgiven me. x


  9. Asha

    My word is PRISTINE. I want my body, Mind and Soul to be free from all kinds of bad/evil elements. Body free from bad habits, Mind free from bad/evil thoughts, pain full memories of the past and worries about the future. Soul filled with only praises for GOD. In totality, I want myself to be free from Anger, Hatred, Greed, Ego/arrogance and all negative things. I have started my spiritual journey very recently. I want to begin by purifying myself


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