Look at Me. Watch Me. See Me.

Look at me. Watch me. See me.

Look at me. Watch me. See me!

Those words drip like rain from the lips of our kids as they grow and learn and discover this great big world around them. They are the unspoken longing of our teens seeping through in risky driving, daring clothes, intimate relationships, eating more, eating less, alcohol, drugs, false bravado, forced smiles, stuffed pain, self-harm, acting out, and sometimes even hiding behind a “good kid” façade, a veneer that says, “I don’t get sick, tired, upset, hurt.

Because our kids just want to be seen and noticed and loved for who they are, not for what they do or how well they hide, but just because they are – living, breathing souls bearing the image of almighty God.

Look at me. Watch me. See me.

Those words still slip from my heart after more than four decades of life. Look at me. See me. Watch me. Notice me. Hear the silent cry of my heart. Wrap your arms around the brokenness and remind me that I’m beautiful, loved, desired. That I belong.

Child of God’s heart, whom He delights over with singing. Beloved. Not because of what I do or give or say or don’t, but just because I am. His. Imprinted with His image. Engraved on His Hand.

We weren’t created to achieve, measure up, do more, be more, climb higher, but to relate. To slow down and look one another in the eye. To pause, unhurried, and listen. To step out of our own self-absorbed, crazy, busy lives and notice. To see and care.

Last Sunday our pastor asked, “How would you save the world?”

My immediate response? One heart at a time.

No, I can’t save the world, but God can. And I might not have a very wide-reaching platform, but I can love one person. Notice and see and love one more lonely heart. Because every soul matters. Every single one of us longs to be seen, noticed, and loved.

Loneliness is rampant in our culture. Teen suicide has sky-rocketed in the past decade. Violence is erupting everywhere we turn. As a culture, need to slow down and choose to walk through this life with others. Choose to see and notice, to patiently, tenderly open our hands, our homes, our hearts. Choose to love deeply and without reserve. Choose to answer with the heart of one young woman in a small Israeli town more than 2000 years ago…

For then the floodgates of Heaven open, and Hope wrapped in fragile flesh, Love born in a stable, spill through time, cascading across our brokenness and tenderly igniting the flame of faith in our hearts, the inextinguishable Light of the World dispelling the darkness one heartbeat at a time.


10 thoughts on “Look at Me. Watch Me. See Me.

  1. pastordt

    Beautifully said, Cindee. And so very true. This is what we yearn for – and this is what we need to do, as well – to look, watch, see. Amen.


  2. Anne Huffman

    So true Cindee. We point out a person’s value one person at a time as we bring them to the Father and show them they have value. They are loved beyond measure. So many people have never heard that or fail to believe it. It’s hard to believe we are worth that sometimes because our head is filled with lies we’ve believes. May every Christian notice the one person around them who needs to hear, “You matter to God and to me. I believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself.” Let’s be the love of God and set people free of those ugly lies they’ve heard about themselves from the devil and people who have not realized the depth of pain that their words caused. Father, have mercy and open our eyes.


  3. akismet-63e2ca2a673fb10452d4cbe2d006c9df

    Cindee! so beautifully poignant- If we could demolish the distractions that turn our eyes and hearts away from our children- all relationships- and treasure each one in each moment we’re given with them! one heart at a time-


  4. Cindee, this is so true, so heartfelt–we do need to slow down, it’s always amazing to me when I stop and smile, talk to cashiers, the cleaners, everyone and especially my kids (who are in their 20s now) still need to see that I’m listening and it’s a conscious thing that I do, because I need to be noticed too 🙂


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