This is Grace

I didn’t ask to be

in this place,
learning to text

these kids
over pizza and games,

but they came.

by one
by one.


Knocked at my door,
stretching my heart

as wide
as their smiles,

while I choked
on the shards of their cry,

Is there room for me


“Be careful,”
he said.

And walk away

from these kids
whose lips have called me

exploding my discount

disrupting sleep and


Because this
this is Grace!

Love too deep
and wide

to ever fit inside
this soul



*Written for the kids of my heart: You are each a joy and a blessing, challenging me to laugh more, pray harder and be a better person, and I am forever changed. I love you all deeply from the heart, every day imperfectly, learning that that is exactly where Grace pours in and God ignites the tender flame of faith.

**Sharing with the community of dVersePoets today where words spill and poets speak.


14 thoughts on “This is Grace

  1. smiles…we may not ask for it but we get what we need…and you were in the right place…kids are awesome too and spending time with them an investment that def pays off…smiles.


  2. Oh, I so loved this. It reads like adopting children. We have been to many parts of the world to help children, but I have often wondered if it would not be a greater work, to adopt and raise children in love and acceptance. That seems like a great thing to do. An inspiring write.


  3. It is always a beautiful encounter to view what shines forth from someone’s heart, the image that is reflected from within…your always brings a certain joy with every piece of it that you share with your words, your messages, and the images. Your spirit is blessed as well as your heart and soul. I love all that you share and do Cindee, so i nominated your for the 2012 BLog Of The Year Award. I posted it tonight at my blog site, and you use this link also, Congratulations and please continue sharing one of the most beautiful flowers i have ever seen your spirit dear sister! God bless!


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