The Pause

Grace glides in at the edge of day
On gilded rays
To sprinkle sleepy blue
With light

As deep-lashed night
Absorbs the rising sun
Waking blinking morn
With spectral hues

Mercy in the pause
Forgiveness in the still
As all creation


Held in this pause
This still Saturday silence

Between Friday’s awful death
And Sunday’s indescribable


Sharing the stillness of Saturday with Sandy:

And unofficially posting as part of the Christian Writers April Blog Chain:


25 thoughts on “The Pause

  1. Perfectly beautiful, Cindee. I’m printing this out and hanging it on the fridge today. And you know–what goes on the fridge is reserved for only the important and very special! Thank you for this.


  2. You are a major source of joy in my life, Cindee. Not sure why you listed this as an “unofficial” entry in the Blog Chain; it’s a STUPENDOUS entry! The day the world held its breath. . . .


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