To breathe
Side by side
Simply present

Lace edge of grace,

As flesh is rent from flesh,
One heart and beat
Through decades of days
Torn in two

I don’t know what to do!

Just breathe

That’s it?

That’s all
Just breathe

For a year I’ve been
Absorbing beauty

In each moment,
Every breath,

For it’s there
In that small space


Sometimes loud,
Sometimes soft and
Nearly imperceptible,

And sometimes it’s

For sometimes
All we need to do
Is breathe

That’s it?

That’s all.

And so we breathe…

*Written today as my beautiful friend’s husband quietly slips from this world into the arms of Jesus.


11 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. Ah, so lovely, Cindee. Thank you. I have a friend (known only through cyber space – and through her sister, whom I do know in real life), who is losing her husband this weekend as well. I think I’ll post this on her wall tonight… Thanks for grace-filled words.


  2. Sharon O

    that is so incredibly sad, praying for her and you. The road ahead for you is to be a support person, she will need an ear to listen and a heart friend to reach out to. (my best friend was widowed so I do know the journey)


  3. Jim Lake

    Cindee, this brought tears to my eyes. Read it right after morning prayers. I asked God for His divine guidance in helping me through some difficult life challenges. I heard His message to slow down, become quiet and to “breathe deep” and absorb His unbounding love. i did and realized with Christ, i am safe in His hands. the next thing i did was to see your email and read your poem. “Breathe deep”…These things are not coincidences but God’s way of gently reminding us of His ever presence and the power of our faith. Now back to prayers for your friend that has left this earth and for those that mourn his/her lose.
    Thank you for helping strengthening my faith. God bless.


  4. You have captured the essence of grieving, whether for a loved one, or any of life’s major challenges. As Chuck Noland said in the movie, Castaway: I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring? Odd as it sounds, this sustained me after the death of my own husband, along with Psalm 27: 1, 13-14.

    Beautiful, Cindee.


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