An Artist’s Heart

To breathe deep and listen
For the symphony of birdsong,
Cadence of crickets,
Subtle percussion of cicadas
And bees and mosquitoes,

To feel the air,
Moist and thick and full,
An enveloping cocoon on a Sultry summer afternoon,

To glimpse a bee collecting pollen,
Sun-drenched, stained glass
Wings spread wide,
Strong and flexible and
Infinitely beautiful,
Yet free,

To watch a purple cloud
Drop fat summer rain
On cracked and thirsty ground,
A taste, a tease
Enough to wet the petals
Of a sun-kissed daisy,
Moments – extraordinary
Wrapped in ordinary –
Beauty wrapped in small,

Spirit stirring,
Spilling into word,
Onto brush, into film,
Over marble and wool and
Needle and flour and linen,
Acrylic and oil and clay,

Turning pastels,
Sculpting yarn,
Framing words,
Weaving canvas,
Stringing emotion and color
And light as beads,

Chords blending,
Layer upon layer,
Stroke by stroke,

Hue and heat and
Shape and shade,
Color and texture and light –

Brief, brilliant points of light
Piercing the night –

Soul captured,
Yet free
Spilled so others may see

Beauty as art
Bursting from
An artist’s heart.

*Linking up with The High Calling to discuss Luci Shaw’s book, Breath for the Bones: Art, Imagination and Spirit: A Reflection on Creativity and Faith. Why not join us?


14 thoughts on “An Artist’s Heart

    1. Carol, your words just made me smile! Thank you! When I see an image I want to write about, I try to describe it as I once would have to my grandmother after she lost much of her vision. She so loved God’s amazing creation, and longed to continue to “see” it through words when her sight failed. Good training — a definite God-blessing! Grace and peace to you today.


  1. You are so eloquent. I love your use of words. I’m just an ordinary writer, wanting to have the ability to write with such beauty. I was hoping, if it’s ok with you, to copy some of your posts for my own site. Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful gifts God has given you. Blessings.


  2. Cindee,
    These photos are filled with the Glory! I feel your words as I travel through—feels like I am in the first garden. Such beauty. What a treat to have you join us in the book club journey!


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