Freedom’s Dance

Who am I
Deep inside
Where nobody sees,
Where it’s raw and real
And unconcealed,

More than what I’ve

Deep inside…
Where the dancer dreams
And the child sings,
And the music plays
And the world fades…


Where façades fall
And veneers peel,
Plastic and

Where identity hides
And lost dreams lie
In unswept corners
With bubbles and
Shovels and pails,


Till the dust shakes
And the heart quakes
And memories stir awake…

And s l o w l y
We rise from the
Rubble of self
Naked and raw
And real,

Silent and small
In the empty space,
Void of our made-up face,

Sensing His Presence
Like on-coming rain,
Drinking His scent in deep,

Grace-rain falling,
Splashing in drops,
Fat and gentle
And sweet.

Through the pouring rain,
A whispered name,
Branding my soul,
With His ink,

Harmony swelling,
Melody welling,
Thundering rhythm deep,
Parched heart filling,
Beating, spilling
Drawing me into the
Heartbeat of the King,

F R E E !

*Freedom’s Dance is part of the Christian Writers July Blog Chain on the topic “Freedom.” Click the links in the sidebar to the right for more inspiring posts, and may your heart be blessed.


34 thoughts on “Freedom’s Dance

  1. Wow Cindee! Branding my soul with His ink? What a perfect line. I’d always thought of him putting a big cross on my forehead, but the cross really is in my heart. Thank you for this beautiful poem and all the gorgeousness it contains.


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  3. Wow! I have never been a poem-person. However, I might be now. You really drew me in on that one. I was lost somewhere and you keep me on track with a constant beat, beat, beat in the background. Wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing.


  4. Cindee- Amazing wordsmithing!! Before the master’s hand we are but self images of the world around us ” Manufactured, Plastic and cheap” then with a stoke of his grace “Grace-rain falling, Splashing in drops, Fat and gentle And sweet.” Loved it! we are transformed! Rain on Me!!! Rain on Me!! I love those fat gentle refreshing drops!!


  5. Lovely *sniff*
    You really grabbed me with the first stanza, as it represented me (and still sometimes does) to a ‘T’
    I hope you receive national acclaim for your poems some day, Cindee. They are POIGNANT


    1. Oh, Nona! What a blessing your words are! Some days I dream of being published. Others I’m simply content to write the words God lays on my heart and let Him use them as He will, content to quietly rest in Him. But I do wonder sometimes where this journey will lead. 🙂


  6. “Raw and real and unconcealed. . . .”

    You’re s’dang good with words, Cindee. You’re a blessing to us all. I’ve never been one to promote jealousy of another’s spiritual gifts—but man, would I love to be able to do what you do. . . !


    1. Wow! Your words just made me grin, Scott. It’s been an amazing journey to be part of the CW Blog Chain, stretching me out of my comfort zone. What a blessing to be adventuring this path with so many inspiring and beautiful hearts for God!


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